About Us


My Goal

My goal is to help and encourage anyone who is struggling with weight issues to lose weight, feel better about themselves, and get in shape. I know what you are going through because I have had the same issues with being overweight & obese as of a lot other people. I can help you with your fitness and nutrition goals by creating a workout program that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. I will work with you on your nutrition and provide you with the necessary knowledge & tools to meet your nutrition goals. If I can do it anyone can including you. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question about how I can help you with your fitness and nutrition goals. If you are on Facebook and Twitter you are more than welcome to check out my fitness page on Facebook and my twitter page located below. DML FITNESS & MARTIAL ARTS LLC was founded by David M Lindberg in 2017. 



I can give my clients what they need because I have personal experience on what it is like being obese and overweight. I have walked in my client's shoes and I understand the daily struggles they face.  


My Story

On January 13th, 2014 I walked into the doctor’s office for my scheduled appointment. During my doctor's appointment, I found out that I weighed 485 Lbs. and that was the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life. I also found out that I had sever high blood pressure (Hypertensive) and possible kidney damage. I realized, as I was walking back to my car, that I was a walking ticking time bomb and that I could have had a heart attack, stroke, and/or kidney malfunction at any moment. When I got back to my car I broke down in tears and cried. Later that night I did some serious soul searching and searched deep within myself for the motivation and desire to change. At that point I decided I needed to change my life around. I started my transformation by eating healthier, drinking water, working out, and walking. To the left you will see a before picture taken in 2014 and just above you will see a recent current picture.  


David M Lindberg